Porsche 911 S


Porsche 911 S 2+2 seater sports car 2.4-litre, 6 cylinders



Vehicle data

  • Km2.709 Km
  • ColourBlood Orange
  • Colour interiorBlack
  • TypeCoupé
  • Model details2+2 seater sports car


  • Engine2.4-litre, 6 cylinders
  • Power190 hp at 6,500 rpm
  • Torque214 nm at 5,200 rpm
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph7.1 sec.
  • Gearbox5-speed, manual
  • Top speed230 km/h

Production Data

  • Production period1967-1973
  • Total produced979


A very fine example of the rare "Ölklappe" 911 2.4 S: The 1972 vintage is among connoisseurs often just known by the German nickname "Ölklappe", as it was the only vintage of the classic 911, where the oil filling took place via a flap in the right rear fender in instead of back in the engine compartment.


This car carries the iconic color "Blut Orange" (blood orange), which fits so perfectly with both the seventies and the lines of the 911. The car was restored in 2014/2015, after which it has lived a relaxed life among collectors, and is still in very good condition. It has a correct "matching numbers" engine and was originally delivered on Fuchs wheels and with electric windows.

About the model:Vehicles from the original 911 series are often regarded as the most successful and competitive cars ever produced, particularly considering the many variants. 

In 1972 several changes were made to improve the 911’s handling. Due to the 911’s rear engine, with the majority of the weight concentrated over the rear axle, early 911 models tended to oversteer. In an attempt to rectify this, the oil tank was relocated from behind the right rear wheel to the front of it. This relocated almost 8.5 kg of oil to within the rear axle, improving weight distribution and, thus, handling.

The 911 S models were also given a discrete spoiler under the front bumper to improve high-speed stability.  Weighing a mere 1050 kg, this 911 model is often considered the best, classic 911.

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