Porsche 911/993 Turbo WLS 1


Porsche 911/993 Turbo WLS 1 2+2 seater sports car 3.6-litre, 6 cylinders



Vehicle data

  • Km219.000 Km
  • ColourGrey metallic
  • Colour interiorBlack
  • TypeCoupé
  • Model details2+2 seater sports car


  • Engine3.6-litre, 6 cylinders
  • Power430 hp at 5,000 rpm
  • Torque585 Nm at 4,500 rpm
  • Acceleration 0-60 mph4.5 sec.
  • Gearbox6-speed, manual
  • Top speed300 km/h

Production Data

  • Production period1995-1998
  • Total producedUnknown as WLS was a factory option


The 993 is not only the last air-cooled 911, it is the first with a 6-speed, manual transmission. The car has been given many improvements and is very different from its predecessor.

The 993 Turbo arrived on the scene in 1995 and was the first 911 Turbo with four-wheel drive. The body was taken from the Carrera but has 6 cm wider rear wings, redesigned front and rear bumpers and a permanent rear spoiler where the intercoolers for the twin turbos were fitted. This car is first in the world to receive an OBDII on-board diagnostic system.

The 993 generation is often said to be the best and most desirable 911, as much due to its unrivalled road-holding qualities as to its beauty. Porsche itself refers to the model as significant progress, both technically and visually. Consequently, it is nicknamed “the purists’ Holy Grail”.

So-called WLS 1 and WLS 2 engine upgrades could be ordered from the factory for the 993 Turbo model. WLS stands for ‘Werksleistungssteigerung’ (factory power increase). This variant was the basis for the GT2 models, designed for track racing.


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