Porsche 911/930 Turbo


Porsche 911/930 Turbo


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In the Seventies everyone were used to "Carrera" meaning the fastest Porsche there was. That certainly changed as the new word "turbo" spread around from 1975: The then-new 3-litre was thought as a true homologation model but as history shows it became so much more. The term legend is not to be taken lightly, but the turbo became one. 

The last owner of this car saw one of these autobahn-stormers back in the day and was completely taken by the car and its appearence. The car was the later improved 3,3-litre version and just by chance he had spotted one of the rarest colour combinations around, white/white. Porsche themselves can not confirm how many were made in those colours, but it could very well be just a handful of cars. Unfortunately it was exactly that look that engraved itself into his mind. When he years later found himself in a position to actually acquire his dream car only that excact combination would do. 

It took him three years to find a turbo delivered new in those colours. And of course that was only a project car for restoration! That was only the beginning, for as is so often the case that restoration then turned into something far more serious than anticipated and along the way the owner raised to bar with a goal of a creating the best 930 possible.

Sticking religiously to originality he purchased everything from Hirsch-antenna, cable tree stickers and dashboards (yes, several - until he was satisfied with the fit of the third one) new in original specifications. When that was not available, such as for brake lines and certain fittings, he had the modern protective coating removed and restored to a finish as they would have had back then. Research and a detective like approach to parts finding took as long as the actual restoration work and it was almost eight years before the car was done to his liking. 

To cut a long story short that is then what you see here: A 1979 Porsche 911 turbo 3,3 restored and finished to a very, very high standard - including a discerning eye for that very specific detail here and there. The car has only had shakedown miles after the restoration, maintaining its showroom fresh appearance. Fit for the road or the discerning collector who does not want to put himself though the years of waiting that this car has required. Including just finding one originally delivered in this fabolous colour combination. 


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