Morgan Aeromax 2008


Morgan Aeromax 2008



Vehicle data

  • Km70 Km
  • TypeCoupe


Production Data


I simply was not prepared for just how spectacular this car truly is, I have tried to walk past it and ignore it but I simply cannot, it is just such an extraordinary car.

The rear is just a masterpiece and is made all the more endearing to think that it was born from the brain of a 21 year old student who had always dreamt of designing a car, Morgan simply gave him the platform to do so.

Intially only envisaged to be a one off design for a wealthy customer, the response was so great that when Morgan showed the car at the 2005 Geneva Motor show they quickly announced they were going to build 100 cars. They all sold out in a flash.

Fortunately for those lucky owners Morgan stuck to their guns and did only build 100 cars, which has blessed this charming machine with exclusivity as desirable as its looks.

At well over six feet tall I was not expecting to fit in the Aeromax at all, however I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there is actually plenty or room, it feels very cosy and you definately sit in the car rather than on it which is the perfect antedote to todays obsession with the SUV.

The interior is beautifully made in the finest materials, yet it is very definately hand crafted and even twelve years after it was made you can still smell the leather and wood oozing out of every pore.

With a car that looks and feels this good, the fact that it has the ability to move at all is a decided bonus, which probably explains why this car has only covered 70 kilometers in its whole life.

However move it does, and when it moves it dose so with a grace and pace quite unlike anything else I have experienced, the engine roars into life and settles down to a gentle thrum, with the exhaust crackling away just below your elbow.

The 4.8 litre BMW engine has a very healthy 462 Bhp to play with, and even when channeleld through this cars automatic gearbox makes for an exceptioanlly fast machine. Thankfully the brakes are equally impressive and stop the car so quickly you need to watch you do not headbut the windscreen in the process.


Due to the remarkably low kilometers on this car we have only driven it a very short distance to take the pictures you see before you, given the opportunity I would have driven it all day and doubt I would have stopped smiling once.

The truly charming part of the car is the way people react to you when you are driving it, no matter what age they stop stare and then smile as you pass, it truly does make even the most mundane journey a pleasure to behold.


This particular example having only covered delivery mileage is probably as close as we will ever get to a box fresh example, and is ready an waiting to be treasured by its new owner.

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