Lotus Omega


Lotus Omega

4 door


Vehicle data

  • Km59.000 Km
  • ColourGreen
  • Colour interiorBlack
  • Type4 door


Production Data


Lotus transformed Opel's rock-solid company car Omega into one of the nineties super saloon legends:


With 377bhp from its straight-six, twin-turbocharged engine, the Omega could achieve the 0-62 sprint in 4.9 seconds and would go on to a top speed of 176mph.

All that power was routed through the same five-speed manual gearbox found in GM’s domestic Chevy Corvette ZR-1, and power was distributed to the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential cribbed from the Australian Holden Commodore.

The was enough to make the Lotus Carlton the fastest four-door saloon in the world when it was launched in 1989.


This stupendous four door rocket ship was able to blitz past the best the Germans could offer with their 155 mile per hour electronically-limited competitors, and it was also faster than a Ferrari Testarossa at 0 to 60 mph.

The blistering performance of this car was already enough to ensure it would be a future classic. However it was not until a couple of years after its launch that the car became a legend in its own life time. A gang of particularly prolific ram raiders managed to steal one of these cars and set about wreaking havoc all over the United Kingdom, they would smash their way through shop windows with a large four-wheel drive, and then proceed to load the enormous boot of the Lotus with all their ill-gotten goods, and head of down the motorway and full speed.

At the time the police simply did not have anything in the armoury fast enough to catch then, and at one point they even outran the police helicopter.

The legend of a true bad boy super saloon was born and the car had the looks to back it up.

Even today the Lotus is a really great place to be, the cabin is well made and comfortable with all the creature comforts you need easy to reach and not a computer in sight.

The performance still feels savage when you want it too, and will cover ground astonishingly quickly, as it rides so well on its tiny wheels. The steering provides great feedback and the engine whizzing and popping as you let the turbos spool up is highly addictive.

I really cannot think of many better ways of transporting four fully grown adults at pace for a prolonged distance.

The example you see here today has had the benefit of having had the same owner since 1996, and has just undergone a comprehensive shakedown and recommissioning which included new catalysts and a new fuel tank.


The car is now running like a dream and ready like a dream and ready to be enjoyed by its new owner.

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